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Our Beliefs

The PFL is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 for the promotion, education, training, participation and enjoyment of sports for youth and especially the game of football.

It is the policy of the PFL that all individuals who come in contact with players/participants, youth supporters, and other minors connected with the league in any capacity shall represent the best Christian example before these young people as is possible. In support of this policy, all adults in chief leadership positions who come in direct contact with player/participants, youth supporters and other minors connected with the league in any capacity must sign a profession of faith, publicly confirm the Apostle’s Creed and be willing to offer the counsel of the gospel salvation to any youth who requests it.



2021: Georgia Force Blue Knights

2020: Cabarrus Stallions

2019: Asheville Saints

2018: Anderson Cavaliers

2017: Anderson Cavaliers

2016: Carolina Crusaders

2015: Carolina Crusaders

2014: Lake Norman Storm

2013: Carolina Crusaders

2012: Carolina Crusaders

2011: Carolina Crusaders

2010: Asheville Saints

2009: Asheville Saints

2008: Asheville Saints

2007: North Charlotte Warriors

2006: North Charlotte Warriors

2005: South Charlotte Pride

2004: South Charlotte Pride

2003: South Charlotte Pride

2002: South Charlotte Pride

2001: South Charlotte Pride

2000: South Charlotte Pride

Junior Varsity

2021: Cabarrus Stallions

2020: Cabarrus Stallions

2019: Cabarrus Stallions

2018: Anderson Cavaliers

2017: Carolina Crusaders

2016: Cabarrus Stallions

2015: Cabarrus Stallions

2014: Carolina Crusaders

2013: Lake Norman Storm

2012: Cabarrus Stallions

2011: Tennessee Silverbacks

2010: Lake Norman Storm

2009: Lake Norman Storm

2008: Cabarrus Stallions

2007: Lake Norman Storm

2006: Lake Norman Storm

2005: South Charlotte Pride

2004: Asheville Saints

2003: Lake Norman Storm

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